Dec 25, 2012

merry christmas

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!! Hope you guys are eating a lot and spending a wonderful time with your family! XOXO

Dec 21, 2012


everything is from Forever 21! >-<

YAAYYYYY!!!! The world did not end!!! Somehow, I think everybody sort of already knew that. Anyhow, besides this major catastrophic date, today was the last school day of the 2012 year! I'm officially now on Winter Break and hopefully I'll catch up on a lot of much-needed sleep! Yeah, I've been having major breakouts and I have hugggeee bags underneath my eyes!!! 

Well, I hope everybody has been having their daily dose of holiday joy because Christmas is right around the corner! What's really shameful is that I still haven't set up my Christmas tree...oh the joys... Haha it's fine, maybe I'll get around to it before the New Year's. Okay, I would just like to say that the holidays are for getting fat!!!! >-< I mean just today I ate a cake pop, a cupcake, several (okay maybe not that little...) chocolate chip cookies, pizza, soda, chips, a muffin, two doughnuts, and a huge bag of candy cane and chocolate kisses!!! Now I feel plump, squishy, and ready to be baked in an oven by a witch! :) haha oh man, today is like gonna be my sugar-intake day for the whole year. So I really do hope you guys are eating a lot of sweets and traditional holiday food right now! Let me know what you love to eat during the holiday season and what are you doing for the holidays!!!!! I know I'm going to a Secret Santa Christmas party tomorrow, so I'm looking forward to that. SUPERDUPER EXCITED!!!

This skirt is one of the few animal patterned clothing I have. I must say it's quite eye-catching since it's made of chiffon and it flows like crazy when I walk! I don't know if you could see the chain necklace, but I love it to death!!! It has a row of studs in the middle and multiple strands of chains connect to it!!! Anyways, I think I'm going to wear it like crazy, so you'll be able to get more better pictures of the studded necklace with more outfits. From the skirt to the necklace, I have to talk about my boots now. I've been meaning to find brown boots after my brown conbat boots broke a while back. So Forever 21 was having a 30% off boot sale, and I managed to get these pair of boots for only $14!!! YAYAYAYAYA I LOVE A GOOD DEAL!!!  

Okay, it's getting legit-ly cold here. I don't think leggings and tights are going to cut it out for me. Gosh darn it.... Stay warm and eat a lot of oranges for vitamin c!!! Today, my math teacher actually gave the whole class oranges as a Christmas gift so we wouldn't catch a cold. I think that's really thoughtful and nice. So, tell me about your holidays and what are you doing for Winter Break???!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 

Dec 12, 2012


Bralette ~ Free People, Skirt ~ Brandy Melville, Cardigan ~ Forever 21

AAAHHHHAHAHAHAH!!! IT'S 12.12.2012!!! I mean I've lived through 1.01.2001 and 2.02.2002 and etc., but this is the last time there will be triple numbers....well, until maybe in a hundred years, then the dates start to repeat themselves. But still. Anyone scared of the apocalypse??!! Haha I really don't believe in the world ending on the 21st, but who knows...? (:

Anyways, it's getting pretty chilly, and it's the so-cold-I-don't-want-to-crawl-out-from-under-my-blankets-in-the-morning chilly!!! I'm pretty sure everyone would just want to stay home and drink some hot tea because I KNOW I DO!!! :) So right now, I'm doing homework, listening to music, prepping for my speech tournament on Saturday, and updating my don't want to see my desk....

Thank you for reading!!! Make sure to layer up on your clothing and STAY WARM!!! Don't catch a cold! Love ya XOXO

Dec 9, 2012


Top & Shorts & Cardigan ~ H&M, Collar c/o

PPhheeewwww. It's been a hectic week. Due to a lack of sleep and proper eating, I became really sick yesterday and I couldn't make it to my speech tournament. But I did reverse my sleep schedule over these couple of days, so I should be ready for school tomorrow. IT'S DECEMBER!!! Awww the holiday joy is in the air!!! I am obsessed with the holiday season, from the decorations to the lights to the cute novelty gifts sold as stores!!! It's just really pretty!!! I gotta start Christmas shoping!!!

So here's the white collar I received from OASAP. It's pretty simple, but that's what I love about it! I really like the spikes, and the white color matches a lot of things in my closet!