Nov 29, 2012


Top & Skirt & Vest ~ Forever 21, Boots ~ JcPenney, collar c/o

From 2011 til now, I have ranted and raged about wanting to get a detachable collar!!! I think they're the cutest and perfect accessory for anyone's closet, adding spunk to any outfit! And now I have my very own, THANK YOU OASAP.COM!!! I ordered a black and a white collar (the white one will featured in another outfit post). Both of these collars have the cutest littlest spikes!!! I am absolutely in love with the black one! I love the black-gold combo and I just can't enough of the spikes! In addition, as a side note, this detachable collar is pretty darn comfortable and doesn't irritate your neck in case you were wondering. So I advise you to get your very own detachable collar! :D

Anyways, besides trying to sound like a salesperson (yeah....i have no idea why i concluded the first paragraph like that...), HOW WAS EVERYONE'S THANKSGIVING??!! Since the number of family members living in the LA area is very small and I'm a vegetarian, I don't really celebrate Thanksgiving. However, I would just like to point out that I am very thankful for all that I have and the people I have met and I couldn't wish a better life!!! Anyhow, SCORE ANY GOOD BLACK FRIDAY AND CYBER MONDAY DEALS???!!!! Haha yes I did go Black Friday shopping at around midnight.  So yeah, shopping from 12 to 6 am is a normal Black Friday experience for me. I did buy a leather jacket and a plaid spiked top from PacSun, a few sweaters from Gilly Hicks (seriously, Hollister, Abercrombie & Fitch, and Gilly Hicks have really great quality clothing!), a few accessories from H&M. Overall, I think I'm pretty set for winter!!!

Thank you for reading! I've been lacking on updating and I am ssoooo sorry!!! Luv ya!~

Nov 19, 2012


Jacket & Top ~ H&M, Leggings c/o

This top really reminds me of those ancient Chinese dresses where it's tight on the top and then opens with a slit at the bottom. Here's a picture for reference :D:
The most ironic situation is that I don't even own one of those traditional dresses and I'm Chinese (yes I'm chinese!). Besides looking like cultural piece of clothing, the white top also reminds me of a apron. Haha I guess purchased it for its cool factor (okkkk I'll admit it's not that cool....) and it's a conversation piece! Moving onto the jacket, I really love it because it looks nice with the zippers and pattern and it's surprisingly warm. I mean come on, what else could you expect from a leather jacket! 

It's getting quite cold. You could officially say that autumn has hit LA; however, the leaves are not changing colors yet. When the leaves start falling off, I'm hopefully gonna to take so colorful pictures in them!!! Well, that's all I have for today! Thanksgiving Break has started for us, so no school for the whole week, but I have to prepare for my Math Sat II test and other homework stuff. Can't wait til Black Friday!!!

Thank you for reading and following!!! XOXO

Nov 12, 2012


Blazer & Skirt & Bag ~ Forever 21

Hope you all had a meaningful Veterans' Day. Due to this national holiday, I (THANK GOD!!!) had no school!!! And all I have to do is survive this coming up school week until Thanksgiving Break which is a whole week off of school!!! Planning on sleeping in every single day of that week... I'm pretty sure my pimpled-skin will thank me (: 

What i really love about this outfit would probably be the blazer. It has a really nice cut, so that you won't look too boy-ish and box-ish.... Anyways, I LOVE the metallic spots on them!
Sorry about my shirt hanger strap. I meant to tuck it away, but it just crept up upon me in the pictures i guess :/. 


Nov 4, 2012


Sweater ~ H&M, Vintage Shorts

Sorry for the lack of pictures. A lot of the pictures I took weren't focused well, and they didn't really turn out well.  Anyways, I just drove to a random street and took these. The most ironic thing was that there a was a girl (who was about my age, sadly, I don't know her) who was also taking outfit photos against building next to the street. was a little awkward since I stared at her and I could tell she was looking at me too..... Besides that, I FINALLY got a haircut. I usually cut my hair about twice a year, which I realize that it's VERY bad thing for my hair. However, since I don't really style my hair (I just look like a lion everyday :) RAWR) and I prefer it to be long, I dread haircuts for my life. It seems after every haircut, my hair is insanely straight and I look really....weird. 

Oh god, I look like a hunchbacked ladybug in the second picture :). Well time for me to go off into dreamland, BYEBYE! THANK YOU FOR READING!