Oct 28, 2012


Top & Cardigan ~ Forever 21, Skirt c/o Sugarlips, Ring ~ oasap.com

I've been wanting a royal blue colored anything for the longest of time. I think the color is really magnificent since it's so bold and kind of different. Thanks to Sugarlips, I received a blue high-low ruffled skirt, which I LOVE to death! It's really nice and flattering!!! It will make your legs look ridiculous long! Also, the ruffles fall at the right place, making the skirt look like a real waterfall! Now, since I wanted to showcase the skirt, I (hopefully) kept the outfit a little simple. Because the top was white, I went with a black-and-white cross cardigan (FALL IS FINALLY HERE!!!!). [FYI: I have also been dying for a spiked collar shirt and anything with a cross on it.]
Anyways, I just had to wear my new oasap.com kittycat ring! It's so cute!!! (: 

So when I got package from Sugarlips, I was really surprised. First off, the skirt was sent in a box which had Sugarlips printed on it. The black color makes the box look really sleek and classy. And once you open it up, the clothes is wrapped in tissue paper. Overall, Sugarlips is a really professional and stylish company. Now....I WANT ANOTHER COOL BOX!!!


Oct 20, 2012


Blazer & Scarf ~ H&M, Dress c/o oasap.com

Sorry for not updating!!! I still need to improve on my time management skills ):. Anyways, I just wanted to bring attention to the month of October. I'm a strong advocate for serious issues, so I thought I should mention that it's also Breast Cancer Awareness Month (hence the pink blazer and scarf). You know the pink ribbon that's popping up all over the place nowadays. Well I think it's starting to turn stereotypical . It seems that if you label something with that pink ribbon, it's automatically raising awareness for breast cancer, which is totally untrue. I just want people to not 'pink wash' breast cancer. I may sound like a hypocrite for saying that since I'm wearing pink; however, I actually understand the whole breast cancer ordeal.

Besides the all the serious things, I am just in love with this dress. It's from oasap.com and it's the darling-est dress EVER. It has a lace panel on the top, and it has the A-line skirt on the bottom. Also, it's super comfortable too! I apologize for the tag that's sticking out on the scarf. I do need to cut it off...

Anyways, I'll try my best to update as soon as possible! Thank you for understanding, reading, and following!!! LUV YOU MY DARLINGS!

Oct 8, 2012


Vintage Ralph Lauren Dress 

Well this outfit is quite....interesting. I borrowed my mother's Ralph Lauren dress and tucked in one of the side to make it asymmetrical. The tassel thingamabobs is actually a chain belt which I tied together to wear as a necklace. I really love the sweater and how it's a metallic gold with all the cool shoulder cutouts. 

So school's been hectic and this weather is still hot. I really do wish it was Fall/Winter time because then I could wear all the sweaters I want!!! I don't know why, but I just really like sweaters (I mean a whole bunch of girls do too). Sorry for neglecting my blog...

...anyways.... THANKS FOR FOLLOWING AND READING (my incredibly short posts)!!!