Sep 29, 2012


I received this purse a while back from, but never got the chance to post about it. I've been literally using it almost everyday. It's just the darn-est cutest thing, but the studs add some edge to it! It may look small, but don't let it's size fool you. I could fit a regular-sized water bottle in there! Besides the purse, I decided to keep my outfit very simple-ish. I think it's about time you should know about my addiction to the color black. I really do like to wear black and white, but I think that when I'm still this young, WHY NOT TRY BOLD COLORS?! So I'm pretty selective when it comes to adding black-colored pieces to my wardrobe. However, back when I couldn't manage my attraction towards black, I bought a whole lot of dresses. Now I have a lot of (GORGEOUS) black dresses... 

Haha today's been an interesting day....I've been called a referee by four people and someone said I looked like a prisoner. Of course those people were all joking since they're really good friends of mine :). I actually don't really care about what other's think of me and how I dress. I've been labeled 'weird', but I really do consider being called "weird" as a compliment (I think I mentioned my life's philosophy before...). 

So as you've probably noticed, the lightening for these pictures are way brighter and different than usual. Since I have tutoring classes every weekday around 4 to 7, I don't have the chance to take pictures just as the sun is setting down (the lightening is best around that time), I took these pictures right after school around 3. I don't really quite like how these pictures turned out, so please just bear with me until I could get a chance to take some better pictures!


Sep 27, 2012


Button down & Shirt ~ H&M, Shorts ~ Forever 21, Shoes ~ JcPenney

I would just love to thank all the people who are still following me even though I've been very inconsistent on my posts. I'm still not used to school and my sleeping schedule has been seriously messed up :(. Haha well, now that I have some spare time...

Recently, I just got featured on Jasmin's blog, She's the most absolutely sweetest person you will ever get to talk with! Doing the interview was so much fun! Check out the link to the post:

Well, Homecoming is coming up and dress shopping is a pain right now....

Sep 20, 2012


Top ~ Forever 21, Skirt c/o 

"Keys and Pearls?".... That's an original title. It's been almost 4 weeks of school, and my brain has become mentally fried. I sleep really late due to my poor time-management skills. BUT I'M TRYING TO IMPROVE!!! Sooooo YAY! Besides that, I decided to keep my outfit pretty simple today since the top was printed and the skirt had all the pearl details on it. I'll try my best to update over the weekend (I have a speech tournament on sat)!!! THANK YOU FOR READING!

Sep 15, 2012


Top & Skirt ~ Forever 21, Thrifted Vest

Wow, I honestly can't believe a week has pasted since my last post. And of course, I AM DEARLY SORRY!!! D: bblleehhhh my hatred towards school has ignited again over this past week. I only slept like 8 hours total past the 3 days, including an all-nighter. I wonder how I'm going to handle junior year :(. Well, nothing much really happened in my life. The only thing I'm concerned about is this weekend's temperature. Weather forecast says it's going to be around 100 degrees. Great.... my shoulders are already burnt! 

Sep 8, 2012


Shirt ~ Forever 21, Vest & Skirt ~ H&M, Thrifted Shoes, Spiked Earring c/o

FINALLY IT'S THE WEEKEND!!! For the past couple of days, I have sparsely slept at all.... ok the main cause was due to my procrastination skills. But still, it's not fun when your head continuously bobs like crazy during class. So embarrassing :/..... Besides worrying about staying awake, I think it's about high time I start to worry about my grades!!! Ahjgkdfuenlzu GOTTA WORK HARDER!!!

So this outfit really reminds of the upcoming Autumn season; warm and nude colors are perfect for the Fall. Haha, yes I wore my fur vest again.... I JUST LOVE IT SOOO MUCH! But I'm not the only one who adores it, my friends constantly like to touch the fur on my back (now that's awkward...). Also, the skirt is actually leather which I have never seen before. I mean, come on? Who has ever seen a nude leather skirt before??! * Scratch that, I bet a lot of people have already. I'm always a little behind :). 

I would just love to thank all the people who visit and read my blog! Thank you for following and commenting! I appreciate it a lot!!! I'm planning to do a 'FAQ: Answered' post because I'm getting a lot of questions. Don't think I didn't read your comment or question, it's just that I don't have the time to reply to your all comments. Thank you for understanding!!! 

Sep 4, 2012


Dress & Vest ~ H&M

Please pardon my unusual blog-updating pattern :). School started last week and my time-managed skills are not developing really well. Haha it's midnight right now, and I still have a ton of homework. Needless to say, I should really get to that. But anyways, I sadly have to go. BRAIN POWER!!!

Sep 1, 2012


Shirt & Top & Cardigan & Shorts ~ H&M, Socks ~ Forever 21, Shoes ~ Converse, Spike Earring c/o

I still haven't gotten around to getting a galaxy piece yet :(. However, this top from H&M really worked for me. Not only are the colors gorgeous, but it has a somewhat 'ombre' feel to it. I just love how the shades darken to a deep blue and turns a light brown at the hem. Ok, since the top was a little see-through, I decided to layer it over a white button-down. Also, I liked how the white collar and sleeves peek out and sort of contrasts with the black leather shorts. Now.... people have said that I was crazy for wearing leather shorts during the summertime... THEY ARE 100% TRUE!!! At the end of the day, my waist area was like sweaty because of the intense heat. Haha that was uncomfortable to talk about :/ ... But anyhow, I just wanted to keep the bottom part a solid color since my "ombre" top had a lot of color!

AAHHHH!!! I WOULD JUST LOVE TO THANK FOR SENDING ME THIS SPIKE EARRING!!! It's ssoooo cool!!! Since I don't have my ears pierced ( I HAVE A HUUUGGEE PHOBIA OF NEEDLES. Everytime I go to the doctor's to get a shot, I literally cry and have a breakdown... but that's another story.), this "earring" is the closet ear accessory I could wear. And let me tell you, it's absolutely FAB-ulous! It's really simple and sort of blends with your hair, but PEOPLE WILL NOTICE!!! I've had so many people come up to me and said that it was really cool! Plus, the earring has the spikes which makes it even awesome-r! 

I would just like to thank everyone for reading!! Luv ya!