Aug 30, 2012


Vest and Dress ~ Forever 21, Mouse Ring c/o

Sorry, I had a longer hiatus longer than I expected hehe :). But anyways, LET'S DO SOME CATCHING UP! Ok, school started on August 28th, so I've been suffering for 3 days already :'(. However, the most memorable thing in the past week happened today.... GUESS WHAT??!!!   I SPRAINED MY ANKLE TODAY AT DANCE CLASS!!! YEAH!!! IT'S NOT AWESOME AT ALLLL!!! In my 10 years of dancing, I have never sprained my foot/ankle. Sooooo I visited the doctor immediately afterschool and now I've been icing my right foot every 5 minutes :(((((. I dare not move around! When I walk, it hurts like crazy. Oh I'm like a zombie now, dragging my foot behind and limping like crazy. 

I apologize for my obsessive ankle injury ranting. Well, I still have math homework left and I have to study for a Chinese test. Wish me luck!!!


Aug 24, 2012


Vintage Sweater, Vintage Scarf, Skirt ~ Forever 21, Boots ~ JcPenney

I truly believe my computer has become my lifeline.... My internet has been down these couple of days, so I never got the chance to update my blog, check my emails, and etc.. Since there's some internet access right now (temporarily, it might crash again D:), I'm going to make this a short post. 

So for the scarf, I double knotted it and tied it. I actually really like the two "ears" hanging down. Now, since this scarf is all detailed and colorful, I just wore a white sweater. The scarf and the sweater both belonged to my mother when she was living in France. I REALLY WANT TO VISIT FRANCE NOW!!! Hope to study abroad there hehe :)

Good bye for now. I think I'm going to take a breather from the blog-o-sphere. OH DON'T WORRY, IT'S JUST FOR A COUPLE OF DAYS!!! Haha I still need to clean my room, finish my summer reading ("The Mists of Avalon" is killing me :((((), and GET READY FOR SCHOOL!!! I have exactly 5 days til school starts! Thanks for reading!

Aug 20, 2012


Blazer & Dress ~ H&M

THIS IS THE ULTIMATE SEQUINED DRESS!!! I love the different studs and beading! Since the blazer had streaks of gold in it, I thought it matched well with the gold and nude colored dress. I've pretty sure I have ranted about wanting to get nude heels, but never found please ignore my shoes.....i know black doesn't really quite match this outfit :(


Aug 18, 2012


Top & Cardigan & Bracelets ~ H&M, Skirt c/o,

Since I love anything related to tea parties, such as roses, vintage birdcages, and those girly frilly romantic dresses, this skirt obviously caught my eye! From, the pearls are just the right size, not too big and not too small. Also, since it's a skater skirt, it's perfect for twirling around in it, pretending to be a fairy! Haha.... maybe it's time to move onto my outfit.... :/ Since the skirt was black and white and very lady-like, I decided to wear some light hues. The cardigan is a very light and pale pink. I thought it would be cool to toughen the outfit by wearing metallic bracelets which worked out perfectly!!!


Aug 14, 2012


Dress ~ Forever 21, Boots ~ JcPenney

It seems like today every girl needs a LGB, little gold dress. I've seen sssoo many at H&M and Forever. I got this one because of the adorable bow on the back. Also, it's super flouncy at the bottom. I feel like those (I don't know the name :( ) flowers! 

IT'S TIME FOR MY ANNUAL SUMMER HOUSE CLEAN-A-THON! You see, I have a major  hoarding problem... Haha, from old receipts to collecting Easter eggs, I have accumulated a lot of junk over the year. I always clean during the summertime because I never have time in the Spring for Spring cleaning. So I started with my room and ended up uncovering more junk than I realized. My floors are basically covered with papers and magazines. Oh also, I have this recipe collection (I LOVE COOKING!) which is like 8 binders filled with recipes from magazines. I think I'm just going to recycle them.... I have no idea what I'm going to do!!! AAHHHAHAHA!!! AND IT'S HOT TOO! :((((

Aug 13, 2012


Dress & Bag ~ Forever 21, Vintage Scarf (tied on bag), Boots ~ JcPenney

This scarf was actually my mother's from France. She has another silver-grey one with drama masks and knights on it!!! They really fit in with the neo-baroque trend, and now I don't have to buy my own printed scarf! If you ever want to 'dress up' your bag or purse, just tie a scarf on it! Now moving onto the dress. It's ssooo cute and it has a great form. It fits me like a glove and I just love the stripes! WARNING: YOUR EYES MAY BECOME DELIRIOUS IF YOU LOOK AT THE STRIPES FOR TOO LONG! 

Well, I wish I had more to write about, but my summer is pretty bland. I have one more math class on Wednesday, then I have a whole week to kill! Then it's time for school :(((((...... 

Aug 11, 2012


Jacket & Top ~ H&M, Skirt & Clutch ~ Forever 21, Shoes ~ JcPenney

Oh gosh, this jacket is to die for!!! I love how it's almost like a varsity jacket but with leather arms. I was in dear need of a leather black jacket, but this is way better!!! Yes, I did find a leather skirt from Forever. It was relatively cheap (for $14!) :D, and so I was like, "What the glitter, WHY NOT?!" Haha, I decided to keep the whole outfit simple. I would have to say black and white are some of my favorite colors. (I am very indecisive when it comes to favorites...).

I did go thrift store shopping today; however, I didn't find anything good. YAY! Today I froze some lychee jelly snacks (you know those square jelly with lychee bites in them) and they taste out of the world! Now, I'm going to stuff myself more with some fruity goodness. THANKS FOR READING DARLINGS!

Aug 10, 2012


Dress ~ Forever 21

Well let's broke to 100 degrees these couple of days. I am literally a puddle of sweat everywhere. That's one of the main reasons why I was too lazy (and too sticky!) to take pictures. But since the sun goes down around 7 here, I'm going to start to take my pictures when it's a little darker.
I don't know if you could tell, but that's a very floppy bow on top of my head. I just tied a piece of chiffon into my hair. I have always wanted a very feminine black&pink combo lace dress. Wow, that was specific :). I feel very lady-like and just want to have a tea party everywhere I go in this dress. I actually have no idea how to accessorize this look. If you guys have any suggestions, comment about it! 

These past few days, I've been to the library, the mall, and numerous restaurants to freeload off of some AC. I've been taking about 5 showers everyday because of the heat. Man, I might reconsider living in LA during the summertime. 

Lookie, I have 18 more days until school starts :(. Oh boy...

Aug 6, 2012


Dress & Hat ~ Forever 21

CHIFFON DRESS TIME! As many of you know, I love anything chiffon and flowy! So naturally this dress made it into my closet by default. Inside of buying a solid colored high-low, I opted out for this print dress. It reminded me of a molting snake with the chiffon dip. Gosh, I love how floppy hats add a dramatic flair to anything. Everytime I wear one, it reminds me of Audrey Hepburn. I AM A HUGE FAN OF OLD HOLLYWOOD STARS!!!

nightnight darlings. Thanks for reading!

Aug 4, 2012


Sweater ~ H&M, Leggings c/o

I am obsessed with 'Crave You' by Flight Adventures, both the original and Adventure Club Dubstep Remix. This is soooo sad and embarrassing, but I had never heard of this song since this spring and now I literally listen to it everyday!!! It was our school's dance show, and the dance company danced to this song. Usually when I never heard of a song but I like it, I always catch the lyrics and search it on Google. Well, same goes for this song. The only phrase that stuck inside my mind was "I walk into the room dripping in gold." Hence the title :D. 

OMG THIS SWEATER!!! This year I have began to develop a new fetish for sweater!!! Right now I have an ivory, grey, peach, and this gold sweater :). I just think they're super comfy, easy to layer over a skirt or dress, and looks great tucked inside and over shorts! Anyways, back to this sweater. It's gold and sparkly which obviously made it catch my eye at the store. Also, it's something I know most people don't have. I felt like a Disco Queen today!!! Only wish I had a colorful headphones and roller blades.... OH YEAH!

Well, I'm currently watching the Olympics. I do believe I have fallen under Olympic Fever. It's just sssooo addicting!!! What's weird is that, I do love sports and watching them, except I have never watched a basketball or baseball game. I mean, I've watched archery, bowling, track and field, cycling, and much more, but never the traditional American sports! I need to be more patriotic :). That reminds me, I need to wear a 'TEAM USA' outfit for the Olympics!

TOODALOO DARLINGS!!! Til next time!