Jul 31, 2012


Top & Skirt ~ Forever 21, Vintage Shoes, Necklace ~ H&M

I LOVE this top! I've been really into loose and flowy pieces lately, especially chiffon blouses and dresses. Haha, I guess I feel very fairy-like when I flap my ginormous sleeves. Usually I avoid yellow and green pieces, but this top has a very complimenting mustard color. The flowy top and the mosaic-printed skirt really reminded me of a gypsy. The colors give off an earthy hue which makes the outfit sort of outdoor-sy. I wish I had a headchain, but I settled for a beaded necklace :D. 
Well, July came and went... My summer has been sadly reduced to one month now. I still have to suffer through 2 more days of summer school and then I'm just going to sleep through August.  It's burning here and I believe I'm getting darker and more tan every second :(. Hopefully, I'll get the chance to go to the beach and take some photos! I almost forgot! Oh Sunday, I got featured by Teen Vogue on their Facebook page!!!! IT'S A HUGE DEAL FOR ME AND I AM SSOOO HAPPY!!! Haha, yeah, I get excited over these things!


Jul 28, 2012


Top ~ Cotton On, Shirt ~ Forever 21, Jacket & Shorts ~ H&M, Boots ~ JcPenney

It's been one year since I posted my very first look on Chictopia! Back then, I was a naive girl (and I guess I still am) on fashion and I was always afraid of dressing "too extreme."  I believe my style has grown a lot since that first picture and I've grown as a person too. Now, I'm quirky as ever!!! Haha, Chictopia was the reason why I started canyoupasstheglitter!!! After posting looks on there for about 5 months and receiving many encouraging comments, I finally gathered all my confidence to start my own fashion blog! It's a huge milestone in my teenage life! I can't believe I've gained this many followers over the course of a year and hope to continue this! THANK YOU EVERYONE!

Jul 26, 2012


Plaid Button Down ~ Abercrombie & Fitch, Shirt ~ H&M, Gifted Vest, Shorts ~ Forever 21, Vintage Shoes

ONE MORE WEEK! One more week of history and then I'M FREE! I'm literally centimeters away from an A! Aaahhhh, gotta concentrate and work superduper hard! I'm so tired and I really need to start running. I usually sleep at 3 am and then wake up at 7 am to go to summer school. Class ends around 11 am and then I crash and take a 5-hour nap. Oh, my sleeping pattern....Haha schoolwork aside, I'm sorry if I've been on and off on updating. It's just kind of hard to balance homework and tutoring classes. 
So lately I haven't been doing anything interesting. I've been catching up on my anime and korean dramas (NERD ALERT!). Haha, if anyone wants to recommend anything good, just comment below. Anyways, I took pictures for another outfit and never got around the chance of posting some pictures. Hopefully, I'll post them in a couple of minutes. :) Thanks for reading!

P.S. (This is pretty old and I am just so lame :/) THANK YOU SO MUCH TO EVERYONE WHO'S FOLLOWING ME!!! I GOT 100 (+ 5) FOLLOWERS!!! I think it's a huge deal. I never thought that I'd gain this many. When I first started off, I became kind of discouraged becuase I felt like I was blogging to no one. So, thank you again for reading!!! I LUV YOU ALL! 

Jul 23, 2012


Leggings c/o oasap.com, Vintage Shirt, Boots ~ JcPenney

I am really excited to post this outfit! I got this gorgeous semi-mesh legging from oasap.com and I AM LOVIN IT!!! First off, I never wear jeans (even in the wintertime) and so leggings are my go-to piece. What makes this legging really unique is that it has mesh which makes it look like a bandage legging. 
Besides my bottom, this shirt is REALLY special to me!!! I found it in my mother's closet and can't believe I haven't seen it earlier! See, my mother lived in Paris, France for 10 years and then came to LA. She brought a few pieces from France and this was one of them. I am definitely going to treasure this! It has shoulder pads (which I'll remove because I have really broad shoulders already :/) and these exquisite buttons. Also, as you can see, it has this great pattern and I love the colors! 
Like the bow?! I must say I am a fanatic for bows now! I just took a strip of black chiffon and tied it. Well, I'm off top enjoy (really late) dinner! Thank you for reading!

Jul 22, 2012


Dress c/o Sugarlips Apparel, Jacket & Bracelet ~ Jacket

THANK YOU SO MUCH TO SUGARLIPS APPAREL for sending me this dress! It's absolutely darling and very gorgeous! It has a high~low hem with a cool sort~of bustier top. Along with this amazing dress, Sugarlips Apparel has sssoo much more lovely dresses and tops, SO DON'T FORGET TO CHECK THEM OUT at www.sugarlipsapparel.com
I apologize for not posting and updating daily! I just have a load of homework which seems to never diminish :(. However in 2 weeks, all my classes will end! I'll have to persevere for a while, but after that, it's officially SUMMER VACATION FOR ME!  My fambam and I are planning an out of the state vacation, but we have no idea where to go to or what to do!!! Haha, if you have any good suggestions about places, don't be afraid to comment below! 
Temperature here is increasingly getting hotter! I can't sit for 10 minutes unless I start sweating like a pig. Oh boy, this is gonna be another tough summer. That reminds me, it's time to turn on the AC, enjoy some cookies and cream, and continue my homework on Greek Civilization...

Jul 18, 2012


Cardigan & Shirt & Skirt ~ Forever 21, Studded Rings & Necklace ~ Forever 21, Horoscope Rings ~ H&M

Sorry, I've been M.I.A due to summer school and pulling countless all-nighters. I currently have a B in history :(, so now I've gotta work extremely hard. WISH ME LUCK! On top of worrying about studying for tests, I have a ballet competition this Saturday at 9, which means I have to get up at 5 a.m.. Oh the joys....
This is actually my first maxi skirt which I LOVE a lot :)! I went with a darker vibe and stuck to the black and gold palette. I recently discovered a band called "Marina and the Diamonds," and SHE IS AMAZING!!! I can't believe she isn't known to more of the world. One of my favorite songs is Mowgli's Road (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zwfCjYv7gVQ). Now, Mowgli is the character in The Jungle Books, so I thought my skirt tied very with the jungle and tribal. 

Thank you to everyone who is following or just browsing my blog! ~

Jul 10, 2012


Dress & Headband ~ H&M, Thrifted Vest, Vintage Shoes

TODAY IS MY 15TH BIRTHDAY!!! Haha, I don't feel any different except for the fact that I fret about wrinkles :(. But over than that, I am the still the same old me. Of course, I want to act and think more maturely, but come on... we all know that's not gonna happen :). I AM A DIE~HARD PETER PAN FAN!!! I really truly want to stay young FOREVER! 

So for my birthday, I went to summer school in the morning at 7:50 a.m.. I was late for class :(. That was an awesome way to start my day. Due to my lack of sleep the previous day, my head was reeling and I was poop tired. Hoping that I didn't get called up to lead the class seminar, GUESS WHAT?! It sure must be my lucky day because .... I GOT CALLED UP OUT OF 23 PEOPLE! I basically bs-ed my seminar because I didn't read my homework (MASTER PROCRASTINATOR HERE). After class, I went home to do my homework and paint my nails. Just like any other day. I did at an asian seafood place with the fambam for dinner. I devoured some really really yummy lobster :D. Now my belly is round and content!

There's approximately 1 hr and 30 min left of my birthday. I feel sad to have departed from my 14-year-old self, but it's always for the better. I am still the same quirky girl who believes in unicorns and the magical powers of glitter! :) 

Jul 6, 2012


Thrifted Dress, Collar ~ H&M, Belt & Clutch ~ Forever 21, Unknown Brand Heels

YES! I finally found out how to resize the pictures and make them look proportionally right! What do you think about the size of these photos? I realize these photos look very bright and a little murky. I didn't not photoshop them or anything; it was just when I took them, I guess the sun was too bright. 

Today is my sister's 18th birthday!!! She is an officially adult... that's quite unimaginable. To know that I have shared a room with her for 18 years, she'll be gone soon :(. We're constantly bickering at each other, but in the end, I will always love her. DON'T TELL HER! Haha, we're having dinner at 8 so that's why I am all gusied up!

This was one of thrifted finds from CrossRoads from Fourth of July. It was only $12! I currently don't own anything with birds, so this was a must-have. Also, it was an insane cutout on the back (see above pictures). You know how you feel when you see something and just fall in love with it??? Well, that's how I felt when I saw this dress. Even though I am trying to stay away from buying anymore black dresses (I have TOO TOO many), I just couldn't resist. But I promise, THIS WILL BE THE LAST BLACK DRESS!!! Unless..... :( i have very little will power when it comes to buying clothes. 

Thanks a bunches for reading and following! 

Jul 5, 2012


Gifted Vest, Top ~ H&M, Belt ~ Forever 21, Skirt c/o oasap.com, Vintage Shoes, Crown ~ H&M, Mouse Ring c/o oasap.com

Sorry for the left side of my pictures. Apparently, my camera was acting funky and decided to make the left side dark. I tried to crop it out (without success :(), but there's still a black shade. Anyways, how was everyone's Fourth of July celebration???! Since I haven't gone shopping in almost one month, I decided, why not? Also, I went to Crossroads Trading (FINALLY!). It was my first time and I was absolutely pleased :). I got a whole bunch of stuff that I'll wear very soon... Haha, you think I would've have gone to a bbq picnic and watched the fireworks, well um... I dined on Japanese food and I listened (didn't see, just listened to the BOOM) to the fireworks from my house. THAT'S THE AMERICAN SPIRIT! 

Since I couldn't resist the sweet temptations of floral crowns, I decided to buy one (DIY floral crowns and studded collars are on my summer bucket list). It was the most romantic pink roses on there, and could not have matched my nude oasap.com skirt any better! Some of you may know that I have a HUGE fetish for lace, well..., I am also obsessed with chiffon and sheer! Those fabrics just give any outfit a soft, lust~worthy feel to it!

Please excuse my absence from updating. I just have a ton of homework. Thanks a bunches for reading my wonderful darlings! ~