Apr 21, 2012

Black Rose

Top & Shorts & Lace Cardigan & Socks ~ Forever 21, Boots ~ JcPenney

YAY! I finally captured some sunlight in these pics! I am so lucky to have stumbled upon this top! It has these lovely layers/tiers and the rose pattern is to~die~for.

Of course, due to my obsession with lace, I just had to add a layer of lace underneath the top.

Haha, in one of the pictures I look like a ladybug!

Springtime is turning into summertime! Yesterday, it was about 90 degrees! I can't go outside for more than 10 mins or I'll become a puddle of sweat. 

Adieu for now darling~

Fashion is Not A Cure, But It Is A Great Band-Aide

Just last week Miss Jackie from the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance, a leading web resource for mesothelioma cancer, contacted me about posting an article about the reality of cancer. I would love to thank her for taking the time to write this article and thanks a bunches for reading it!
( It's really inspiring and beautiful)~

Fashion is Not A Cure All, But It is A Great Band-Aide
By: Jackie Clark

Fashion is one of those things that women either love or hate, outwardly.  There are those who live for it and there are those who could not really care less.  There are also those who appear to be in the middle, but I contend that those that care at all are fashionistas at heart. I would also venture to declare that those appearing to not give a hoot about fashion simply feel that it can do nothing for them.  If they really understood how fashion can help one's inner beauty to shine through and help beautiful women everywhere feel comfortable in their own skin, they would jump on the fashion bandwagon in a heartbeat.

Many times those who appear to not care, and even believe that they do not care about fashion, do not feel beautiful.  This could be due to any number of reasons from low self-esteem to a disability or illness.  It is quite common for women who have been diagnosed with an illness, for example cancer, to not give much thought to fashion.  This is the case even if they were fashion pros before their diagnoses.  A strong, beautiful woman who is living life and is suddenly blindsided by mesothelioma cancer due to asbestos exposure is likely to simply give up on fashion.  

It is not hard to understand why this would happen.  There are obviously going to be more pressing issues in this woman's life. However, fashion should still play a role in that life, and allowing it to do so can have great benefits. Cancer treatment, including mesothelioma treatment, can take a toll physically and emotionally, and a woman's looks are visibly affected.  Hair loss, loss of weight, and a tired haggard look cannot really be hidden or blown off.  No amount of make-up can change it.  However, fashion is always an option.  A body has to be clothed, no matter how ill it is.  Wearing beautiful clothing helps women feel beautiful in their own skin, regardless of the illness that skin is covering.

Bright colors, bold patterns, and flattering styles may not be what mesothelioma doctors prescribe, but they can certainly brighten a patient's mood.  Any doctor will admit that keeping a patient is high spirits is often a lifesaving tactic. Even those confined to bed can benefit from sleeping attire that is fashionable.  Comfortable fabrics in flattering patterns and colors can make all the difference.  It may even inspire those in the cancer situation to sit up, receive guests, or engage in other activities they have not previously felt like doing.

No one is saying that a pretty blouse or the right shoes is going to make everything all better, but it can make a real difference.  It can make an even bigger difference than most people realize, and those in the depth of feeling terrible may not always think of it on their own.  Caretakers should encourage fashion if possible to help them feel beautiful.  Explain that when beautiful people look beautiful, that inside beauty shines even brighter, and that will help them actually feel better physically.  

Hope that inspired you in any way and have an amazing rainbow~filled day!

Apr 15, 2012

Dress A Doll Up in Vintage Tablecloth

Dress w/ Belt ~ Forever 21

Excuse me for my bad hair. Today was a very windy day, and honestly I HATE windy days. First of all, you know how some gals look very sexy with the wind blowing their hair??? Well, I'm not one of them :). Secondly, I feel very scared when I wear a dress or skirt. 

But that's the besides the point. I love this cupcake dress. Technically, I think all vintage floral look like tablecloths ( in a good way)!

I just had a dance showcase and I am tired as poopies. Well, it's time to get back to my anime ( YES, I AM AN ANIME FAN)!

Apr 8, 2012

Happy Easter

Button~down Shirt & Sunglasses ~ H&M, Shorts ~ Forever 21, Lace Shirt ~ Hollister Co.


Yes, I am a pathetic fool! I've been busy over my Spring Break that I couldn't go out and buy some fluffy bunny ears. AAAWWWWW! Anyways, I just did bunny~eared myself for the pics~

Instead of going for a floral dress, I decided to wear floral~printed denim shorts. Golly, it's summer weather in LA already. You start to sweat just by standing under the sun for 10 min.!!!

I have found the PERFECT sunglasses. Pink, as a matter of fact, is my favorite color. Also, pastel colors are in really in for Spring time. One the coolest features of these sunglasses is that the top is a solid milky pink color and the bottom rim part is a see~through (i don't know how to describe it) translucent pink! SO COOL!

How did your Easter go??? 
Mr.Bunny came to my house and I had a lovely brunch consisting of neon colored jelly beans, flower~shaped choco, and BUNNY~SHAPED MARSHMALLOWS (favorite sweet)!!!! 
Besides getting high off a sugar rush, I didn't really celebrate Easter in many ways. I wish I could still be a kid and go to parks for the Annual Easter Egg Hunt. 
(was that creepy?)

Apr 6, 2012

Discount For Punch Bracelets on etsy.com

I stumbled upon this AMAZING etsy store called Punch Bracelets. From a wide range of neon colors to gorgeous chains, THIS is the store to find spectacular homemade bracelets. 

I got a special discount of 20% off! 
Please use the code FRIENDSOFAMELIA during your checkout.

Here are some of my faves:

( pink is one of my favorite color~)
Baby Pink Bracelet

Neon Pink Punch Bracelet

Punch Lite ( one listing only)

They're bracelets that are affordable and will FILL YOUR DAYS WITH RAINBOWS!!!

JUST IN TIME FOR EASTER! Punch Bracelets sells lovely pastel colored bracelets that will put you in the hopping mood for Easter!

P.S. Punch Bracelets has a 20% off Easter Weekend sale from April 5 ~ 8. Use the coupon code EASTERSALE when you are checking out! Happy Easter!

Don't forget to use the code FRIENDSOFAMELIA for 20% off!!!