Feb 29, 2012

Happy Leap Year + OASAP.com Necklace

Dress & Belt ~ Forever 21, Shirt ~ H&M, Boots ~ JcPenney, Necklace ~ Courtesy of oasap.com.

HAPPY LEAP YEAR!!! I can't get over the fact that it's been 4 YEARS since the last Leap year. So, of course, I had to "LEAP" in my post. 


I would love to thanks oasap.com for sending me this necklace. It's GORGEOUS and matches with literally everything I have! 


Feb 25, 2012

With Lace and Boots, I Would Make an Awesome Combat Soldier

Skirt ~ Hollister, Button-Down & Socks ~ Forever 21, Top ~ Macy's, Boots ~ JcPenney, Sunglasses ~ H&M

I ADORE this button~down!!! It's very unique because of the military badges and it's from Forever 21!


I know it's very foggy, but I felt aviators just made the outfit...epic

Feb 21, 2012

Sweet Blossom

Dress & Sweater ~ Forever 21, Boots ~ JcPenney 

I don't normally title my posts after a song, but Sweet Blossom by Emilie Simon is just BEAUTIFUL.

Hehe, it's my FIRST high~low dress. LOVE IT!

Oh please, ignore my hair + face. I took the pictures after my dance competition and so I didn't have a chance put my hair back to normal and clean my face.

I wish I still had my brown boots; however, they sadly broke. 

I'm sorry if the lightening in the pics are a little dark; the sun was setting. 

Feb 20, 2012

I Wish I Could Marry with Fairy Wings

I really do wish I could marry with fairy wings.

So, this is not a typical outfit post. I had a dance competition on Saturday (Yes, I do Ballet), and I just had to take so photos. 

There was an exhibition hall at the venue and it was insanely peaceful and beautiful. The sunlight was streaming in, and no one else was there. I love (for some weird reason) the doors in the background.

Haha, pointe shoes are so ELEGANT, but yet they hurt so painfully. 

Feb 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day and S.A.D. (Single~ Awareness Day)

Well, it's that time of the year again. When couples have a major PDA session, flowers are on steroids, and 'Be Mine' heart-shaped balloons are EVERYWHERE. 

I know people who are not personally fond of this day, but I am completely in love with Valentine's Day. It's so cheesy and so romantic at the same time!

I know I'm posting this up pretty late and that VALENTINE'S IS ALMOST OVER :(, but it wouldn't kill anyone if I still posted this. 

To me, February the 14 is a day where couples, friends, and family celebrate the love they share. 

Roses are red,
Violets are blue, 
Be mine for Valentine's
I love you

I know how you feel.

Feb 12, 2012

Do I Look Like an Incomplete Rainbow?

Dress & Blazer & Purse ~ H&M, Flats ~ Bakers

I ADORE THIS PURSE!!! It's been a while since the Versace for H&M collection debuted. However, I have not been able to obtain a piece from the collection, UNTIL NOW....! 

I found this Versace purse at the back of the store. It was hidden behind some handbags. I couldn't believe I finally found a Versace piece. It's so ADORABLE and I LOVE the colors. Plus, it was HALF ~ OFF!!!

I haven't worn a lot of neon before. I guess this outfit makes up for it!