Jan 26, 2012

Snow White

top & cardigan ~ H&M, shorts & boots ~ Forever 21

I'm DDDDOOOONNNNNEEEEE with FINALS!!! Staying up 'til 1 am for 4 days in a row is not the best habit to getting into. However, through many painstaking hours of studying, I am OFFICIALLY satisfied of making it through my first ever FINALS. 

Fun Fact Time: I was born on a Thursday! 

These floral shorts. I am obsessed with them!!!  I wore them already in a previous post. 

I went for a softer look with all white on top.  Doesn't the cardigan look like measles? Anyways, when I looked at the picture, I noticed how abnormally pale I was. 

Pale skin & red lips ~ Snow White 

Jan 21, 2012

She Stained the Cup with Her Red Lipstick

dress ~ H&M, shirt ~ Wet Seal, belt & tights & watch ~ Forever 21, boots ~ JcPenney (Chic Reward http://www.chictopia.com )

Naturally, I dislike wearing make~up of any sort. However, I felt that I needed a smear of RED lipstick to complete my look (so that is color~coordinates with the shirt). 

One thing you should know about me: I can't stand wearing all black. I believe that your personality should be expressed with colors. But I'm not bagging on black; black is essential to my wardrobe and survival. 

I am currently obsessed with this lace dress (in other post). It has a nice form and it's so adorable. Since it's getting chilly, I added a plaid shirt and a studded belt. 

I did not come up with the title. I saw it somewhere and had to use it. So I would just love to thank the person who came up with the quote (it has a meaning to it).

P.S. Still loving my JcPenney Chic Reward boots. Can't live without 'em. 
Check it out: 

Party 'Til We're Dead

shorts & suspenders & boots ~ Forever 21, top ~ H&M, sunglasses ~ unknown

Heyheyhey, guess what? It's the most wonderful time of high school! It's. Dead. Week. 
The week before finals, when you're cramming hundreds of vocab and reading til your mind goes blank. So far, I've drank 10 cups of hot cocoa and eaten 2 boxes of Oreo over the past 5 days. And I am still planning on eating a bunch of junk + fast food over the weekend till finals start. Wish me luckies!

Anyways, I usually don't wear sunglasses due to the fact that they never accommodate my head. However, my friend gave this pair to me and I just adore it to death. Also, since I'm on a sugar high, I've been wearing them to hide my tired eyes.

You likey my new font? Thought I'd try something different. 

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Jan 16, 2012

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Jan 15, 2012

In Darkness, She Lives

Sweater &Vest ~ Forever 21, Skirt & Necklace ~ H&M, Shoes ~ JcPenney (Chic Reward) , Flower Pins ~ unknown

I'm typically NOT the type of person to dress in monotone colors of black and grey; but this outfit is an exception. When I saw the vest/hoodie and sweater, I just knew I had to get it. The vest is leather and so I decided to soften the look up by pinning on some girly pink (favorite color = pink) flowers. Also, it has a hoodie attached to it. Who doesn't like hoodie vests? Plus, it actually compliments my abnormally big head :). 

Anyways, this sweater is different compared to all the other sweaters out in the world because it has these stud pieces (see in close-up pic) and it has 'Beautiful' printed on it. I don't know if you could see in the close-up pic, but the silver necklace I just ADORE!!! It's like these discs pieces and shines when it catches the light.

I think my title is a little depressing, and that's because the sky is a little sad today. No sun and clouds :(. But on the 'bright' ( hahaha, irony) side, it's the perfect day to take pictures. ~ 

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Jan 4, 2012

I Don't Believe in Magical Horses; But I Believe in Unicorns

Red Dress, Over-the-Knee Socks, Boots ~ all Forever 21

Right now would be an awesome time to own a pair of brown oxfords! If you've seen normal people wear over-the-knee socks, they always wear oxfords with them. For some bizarre reason, I can't seem to find the PERFECT oxfords. So as a substitute, I wear my (always reliable) Forever 21 boots. Now, I'm very excited to stumble across this lovely dress. For teenagers (including me), the rage is UNICORNS! Maybe it's because we couldn't get enough of our childhood or maybe we're just too scared to not be able to act like a kid anymore, unicorns are our security "blanket". Anyways, back to the dress. It's printed with these adorable unicorns! Also, it has this cute Peter Pan collar attached to it. Two of my favorite things: unicorns & fairy tales! HAPPY WEDNESDAY!!!

Jan 1, 2012

Happy 2012

dress ~ Guess, heels ~ unknown

HAPPY NEW YEAR! It seems to me that 2011 has gone by so fast. I know the memories that I made in 2011 will stay with me forever! In the past year, many thrilling and chilling moments happened; however, let's not forget the memorable fashion moments such as the Alexander McQueen dress Kate Middleton wore to her royal wedding and the egg ensemble Lady Gaga donned for her Grammy Awards performance. Now with 2011 behind us, a RED dress seemed to me as the perfect way to start off 2012! I look forward to uploading many more blog posts and wearing more daring outfits! HAPPY 2012!!! ~