Dec 12, 2012


Bralette ~ Free People, Skirt ~ Brandy Melville, Cardigan ~ Forever 21

AAAHHHHAHAHAHAH!!! IT'S 12.12.2012!!! I mean I've lived through 1.01.2001 and 2.02.2002 and etc., but this is the last time there will be triple numbers....well, until maybe in a hundred years, then the dates start to repeat themselves. But still. Anyone scared of the apocalypse??!! Haha I really don't believe in the world ending on the 21st, but who knows...? (:

Anyways, it's getting pretty chilly, and it's the so-cold-I-don't-want-to-crawl-out-from-under-my-blankets-in-the-morning chilly!!! I'm pretty sure everyone would just want to stay home and drink some hot tea because I KNOW I DO!!! :) So right now, I'm doing homework, listening to music, prepping for my speech tournament on Saturday, and updating my don't want to see my desk....

Thank you for reading!!! Make sure to layer up on your clothing and STAY WARM!!! Don't catch a cold! Love ya XOXO


  1. I love your blog :) All of your photos are amazing!


  2. hey honey!
    amazing blog, love your photos.
    we're following you now,
    visit our new blog if you want ;)

  3. Love your blog!! your style is amazing, I´m your new follower, you are so pretty

  4. I love the fringe on your cardigan, and your combat boots. I just got a new pair, and I've been in them for weeks straight. I think I'm addicted to having them on!
    The Metallic Lady

  5. Loving this combo! :) Where did you get the boots from? They're so cute :D