Just me embracing the darker and gloomier days. There hasn't been sunshine in days here and I AM LOVING ITTTTT. Don't have to worry about sweating and burning up. Going for the classic green tartan and black combo, I coordinated silver accessories with the zippers details on the pants. Moving onto the other pieces. A major pet peeve of mines is when button down plaid shirts aren't long sleeves. I don't know why, but I like the sleeves of button downs rolled up and when those sleeves hit just above your elbow, it's just sad haha. Luckily, this Style Moi shirt (especially its sleeves) is perfectly cut and lengthened. It's surprisingly thick and warm (appropriate for these almost-rainy days) and ties around my waist and hips perfectly. 

I'M WEARING: Forever 21 top | Topshop jeans Style Moi shirt | Sam Edelman boots Topshop necklace



Sometimes whites and pastels make the most statement. This outfit is like a breath of fresh air for me considering I normally don't tend to lean towards light-colored pieces. Since the coat was a very faint nude/cream color, I chose to dress all white inside to complement the tinge of color that coat had. And this might be a minor thing, but I want to mention a little about my belt. Often times, when you wear the same color throughout or have loose/flowy pieces paired together (like I how wear it right now....I'm at fault haha), your figure sometimes gets lost underneath. Wearing a belt is a simple solution if you're looking to cinch your waist or (on my hands) create an illusion of a smaller waist. 

Oh I'm so blessed that today was a windy day! Today was a typical bad hair day for me; I thank the winds for making my hair look somewhat decent and voluminous. On the topic of blessings, I was featured on Lookbook's instagram as "Look of the Day". I actually cried that day; it's just one of those personal feats. I'm really thankful for all the support I've received over the years from blogging and I'm currently preparing for major changes (good changes!). One thing I have to do is to build my Google + profile since I'm going to take down my current Google Friend Connect system. So if you haven't, please add my profile to your circle!!!!

I won't be promoting Google Friend Connect in the near future; I would appreciate it if you added me via Google+! Thank you for your time!

I'M WEARING: Topshop top Rag & Bone shorts | Topshop duster coat | Steve Madden heels