1.STATE top // Joe's jean // Steve Madden heels // Topshop choker // Wildfox sunglasses

I definitely wanted to give the white-on-white trend a try, but I added some pastel-toned accessories since I still wanted a pop of color. Poplin fabric is everywhere now, and there's a really good reason why: It's insanely comfortable on the skin and the fabric offers a nice structure to any clothing piece. If you aren't aware of what poplin fabric, it's typically in a cotton or cotton blend and is woven in crosswise ribs. I already have several pieces in my closet, and I know they'll be worn often because of the hot LA weather. 

Speaking of LA, Audrey Magazine is hosting its annual fashion show in downtown LA on Saturday, March 28. I'll be attending, so if you're in the area and would love to meet up, I'll see you there <3! Besides the runway show, there will also be performances and an after party which I am definitely looking forward too!    

You could purchase tickets here. First 100 Toyota owners who purchase tickets will get VIP access! Hope to see you there!



1. Shirt Dress - Camilla and Marc
Move aside tunic shift dress, it's time for the shirt dress to shine. Shirt dresses are the embodiment of Sunday brunches and walks in the park. They're casual, very versatile, and not to mention, insanely comfortable. Pair one with sandals, a hat, and a belt (or not) for a nice warmer-weather look. Maybe it's because white is more predictable or what not, but I've seen more brands and stores promoting black shirt dresses compared to white ones. Either way, I'm a fan! 

2. Woven Bag - Apparel Candy
This may not be the hot item for spring, but it's definitely something I want haha! Don't be confused between a woven bag and a tweed one (they look quite similar from a distance!). Instead of a black or white bag, I want something with a little color and a blue one from Apparel Candy, a store specializing in wholesale clothing, is quite appropriate. At $8 a pop, this bag is going to be my go-to accessory! 

3. Heart-Shaped Sunglasses - Apparel Candy
Since the sun is more prominent nowadays, sunglasses have made their way onto my hit-list again (I mean they make it every year, no surprise). Aside from the classics such as wayfarers and oversized, clubmaster sunglasses have become a universal style (they complement any face shape!!!). While I do have a pair of regular clubmasters, I mean since spring is coming up and I want a little more fun/cheerfulness in my life, why not get heart-shaped clubmasters??!?! These heart-shaped Apparel Candy sunnies are inexpensive and great quality (for reference, Wildfox's infamously cute Lolita heart-shaped sunglasses is above $100). 

4. Holographic Loafers - Gucci 
Holographic. Loafers. Enough said. 

5. White Leather Jacket - ACNE Studios
One of the most staple colors when it comes to warmer seasons is white. While black leather jackets say "Hey I'm badass and good-looking at the same time", white leather jackets say "Hey I'm badass, good-looking, and cool at the same time" (I think at this time I've already established my quirkness...sigh). But ever wonder why light or pastel colors are more preferred or hyped up during spring/summer; it's because of the concept that darker colors attract/absorb more heat while these bright and light colors reflect heat (I'm 110% sure that I'm not using the right jargon here). My point is, white-on-white is the trend right now and I love leather jackets :).

6. Lace Up Heels - Zara
Oh these infamous lace up shoes.... I love them so much to the point that it hurts. Whether it's sandals or boots or pumps, lace up shoes are sexy, do a great job of making your legs look miles-long, and add just the right amount of detail. Lace up heels have been around for a long time and I bet they're here to stay, so invest in a good pair (like I will!)!!!

7. Pineapple Print - MSGM
I'm a youngster; by default, my Instagram feed is filled with pineapple shots. And I've officially been brainwashed to like pineapples now haha (no I'm not; I've always been them pineapples' uno number one-o fan!). So what better way to proclaim my love of pineapples then to wear a printed top full of pineapples. Pineapples are just so cute and add a touch of comedic sense (Who lives in a ____ under the sea?!) to anybody wearing them. I dare to count how many times I've typed pineapples. Now I'm suddenly craving them....

8. Tuxedo Blazer/Jacket - Barneys New York
After New York Fashion Week ending, I (like the good fashion enthusiast I am) caught up on all the looks and runways. One thing I noticed throughout a lot of different collections was the structured blazer (a lot were cinched at the waist in order to enhance the figure even more which I loved). Yes, I'm well aware of the fact that NYFW is for displaying the F/W collection and not really about the spring/summer seasons, but I couldn't just ignore what I saw haha. I already have a blazer, but not a tuxedo one (for when I'm feeling fancy!). Just like the lace-up heels I mentioned, take into consideration saving up for a blazer or tuxedo blazer since it's a staple for any person (both universally flattering and versatile).

9. Lace Nude Dress - For Love and Lemons
Among the blooming flowers and sunny skies, dresses that give off a bohemian vibe are always a big hit during the upcoming months. Well, I'm not complaining ;).... Compared to regular lace dresses, the dresses that are almost skin colored are something new and I've just been eyeing them for a while now. 

Am I missing anything? What are your favorite spring trends or wishlist items?! Let me know so I could obsess over them with you!!! XOXO