T by Alexander Wang top // Rag & Bone jean // Rebecca Minkoff bag // Jeffrey Campbell heels // Perry Street necklace & Wanderlust + Co. ring c/o Rocksbox

Would you rather purchase two faux leather jackets or one genuine leather jacket? 
I think this type of question is one of those that have responses split right down the center. When it comes to clothes, quantity and quality are everything. I'm now someone who values quality over quantity; I didn't always have this mindset. I used to think that quantity was the way to go. More pieces = more options = more outfits....makes sense. But later as I realized, one major con of adopting this view was that the amount of money I was willing to invest into each piece I bought was very limited. I want something I buy to last for a duration of time and shouldn't be falling apart at the seams, but sometimes, a splurge is necessary for that type of quality. Still, keep in mind that not all pricey or expensive items are good quality or necessarily worth the price tag. As a consumer (not just when it comes clothes but in general), the quality of an item should be equivalent to its marked price value. 

Whether you value quantity over quality or vice verse definitely depends on which works best for you. Haha I'm just one of those people who looks at their closet and say "I have nothing to wear". Let me know your opinions and what team you are (quality or quantity)! Thank you so much for reading! 



Topshop top // Haute Hippie skirt // Oasap heels // Ted Baker clutch // Melinda Maria bangle c/o Rocksbox

You could wear the same dress everyday for a year but have a different outfit each day. I am a firm believer that accessories can make/break an outfit. Besides glasses, hats, bags (just to name a few), jewelry can make any outfit pop, shine, dazzle....the list goes on! If you're someone like me, you could never have enough jewelry and be as obsessed with Rocksbox as I am! Rocksbox is a subscription jewelry service and offers endless renting of a collection of jewelry. It's pretty simple; you'll get a box every month filled with jewelry that you can wear for an entire month and if you want something new, just return it via mail to receive a new box. All you need to do is become a member!

If you use the code Canyoupasstheglitterxoxo, you'll get the first month free! Let me know if you've fallen in love with any of your Rocksbox jewelry!

While the jewels may shine, the sun is definitely not right now. It poured a couple days ago and now it rained just yesterday. But I am grateful for the fact that I'm not stuck inside my home because of heavy weather! XOXO