I do apologize for not posting within the recent days; the week went by too fast and I have a couple of tests coming up (I really should be studying for that.....). But I allocated some time to post up a new outfit post. Oh how I'm going to miss the weather here (*insert sentimental music*); I've noticed I talk about the weather a lot in general. I'm not weird I promise. Just love the outdoors that's all. Back to my weather observation haha. It's around 95 degrees in the afternoon, and once the sun sets, it hits somewhere in the 70's. I always make sure to bring a jacket with me if I'm out for the day. I tried playing with different proportions and cuts today with an over-sized bomber jacket and a cute cutout top. I also stuck with one color since I wanted to highlight the different textures and materials of the pieces (felt, leather, & quilt). 

A lot of people actually do eventful things when they go out; I usually just hit up grocery stores and buy and eat food....that's what my days look like. I'm one of those people who have a stash of junk food at home; I love food waaayyy too much. Give me food and I'll be your best friend :D. 

I (FINALLY) made a video since I want a more interactive platform. So don't judge me too harshly since I'm still trying to figure my way around Youtube and juggling vlogging and blogging. Be sure to subscribe! I promise I'll upload way worthier videos! Thank you! 

I'M WEARING: Topshop top | ASOS skirt | Current/Elliot jacket | Sam Edelman boots Rebecca Minkoff bag | Ray-Ban sunglasses



Who knew garages could be so nice looking...? After wandering and exploring Downtown Art District (i usually go west to Seaton St. which is the best kept secret, and plus there are constantly just too many people near Broadway since fashion district is there), instead of taking some shots in front of paintings, I found myself standing in front of these worn down wooden garages. I honestly think the pants and the garage are the same shade of grey...all part of the appeal factor. If you ever get a chance to hit up DTLA, go to Seaton, sit down for a nice lunch at Urth Cafe, and be sure to take a lot of photos of the pieces (or maybe include some garages like I did haha)! 

One of the most popular pieces for spring is joggers. And they're not only for spring; if you want to wear them during the summer, then linen versions are ideal. If during the winter you want to wear them out, then maybe leather ones. I always say, if trousers and sweatpants had a baby, then the jogger pants is it!!! It's so true. Joggers are perfect for the girl who wants to be lazy, feel comfortable, and look put together! I went with a more simple look by only sticking with a two-color selection (blaccckkkk is my favorite color:)). "Less is more" is definitely reflected here. Let me know what you think and thank you for reading!!! 

I'M WEARING: T by Alexander Wang bralette | Topshop joggers | Jeffrey Campbell heels