Yesterday, I was out and about in Downtown LA. I was actually attending a luncheon (more like meeting) held by NYU. *wink wink* I hope that was a dead giveaway, but yes I am officially going to attend NYU in the fall this year!!! (If you're interested to know, I'll be attending Stern school of business.) Packing up and moving all the way across the country was not entirely planned out, but I couldn't be happier with this opportunity. Obviously, I still have a couple of more months until I go to the school, but though I'd disclose what my future plans are and where I'll settle down for the next year. You'll probably see me eating and shopping my heart out :D If anybody is familiar with New York, tell me where are some places I should check out!!! Can't wait!

I'M WEARING: Zara top | American Apparel skirt | Sam Edelman boots B-Low the Belt belt | Ray-Ban sunglasses

It was windy and so I was waiting for some superpowers that could allow me to move my hair out of my face without using my hands. Hair god, please help me haha. 

I also love caffeine too much to let go of my paper cup. It's either tea or coffee for me. :) 



Just me embracing the darker and gloomier days. There hasn't been sunshine in days here and I AM LOVING ITTTTT. Don't have to worry about sweating and burning up. Going for the classic green tartan and black combo, I coordinated silver accessories with the zippers details on the pants. Moving onto the other pieces. A major pet peeve of mines is when button down plaid shirts aren't long sleeves. I don't know why, but I like the sleeves of button downs rolled up and when those sleeves hit just above your elbow, it's just sad haha. Luckily, this Style Moi shirt (especially its sleeves) is perfectly cut and lengthened. It's surprisingly thick and warm (appropriate for these almost-rainy days) and ties around my waist and hips perfectly. 

I'M WEARING: Forever 21 top | Topshop jeans Style Moi shirt | Sam Edelman boots Topshop necklace